I welcome you all to this historic Economic Summit. It is a great thing of joy to have in attendance captains of industries and great men and women of proven integrity, shakers and movers of the Nigerian Economy sited here today in this great hall to chart a new course to making Amuwo Odofin Local Government economically buoyant and investor- friendly community.



Government is about people, and not just people but well- meaning people who in their respects are catalysts of socio- economic change.



Dated back in 1977 when Festac was created and Jakande Housing Estate in 1980, the Amuwo Odofin of that time was principally a residential area but with the advent of modernisation and on the need for the residents to make livelihood possible; by and large, Small Medium Enterprises started springing up within the area.



Banks and other business opened up the environment to a better establishment of more companies to cater for people’s needs vis- a-vis creation of employment that are seen around thereby bringing quick service delivery to the people and opening access for opportunity that are needed to develop the community.



The 1st Amuwo Odofin Economic Summit is a vision of the current Local Government Administration to position the stakeholders living in Amuwo Odofin towards identifying and creating a robust investment climate.



Lagos State has definitely become investors’ haven. Kudos to His Excellency, the former Governor of Lagos State Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who passed on the torch of development to His Excellency, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, the Executive Governor of Lagos State who has bettered the standard that was left for him by his predecessor in transforming Lagos State and making the aquatic “Little London”, into a developing Mega City.



In furtherance to the Lagos State Governor’s vision to make life better for all residents in Lagos State, hence in Amuwo Odofin here, it is our vision to follow his footsteps by stopping at nothing than to make Amuwo a Mini- Mega City.



This great transformation can only be achieved through a communal effort between Amuwo Odofin Local Government authority and the economic icons in our community.



Democracy and Good Governance are said to be government of the people for the people and by the people. This shows that in the modern day governance, community development is enhanced by the collaborative efforts of all and sundry in the actual realization of dividends of democracy. Nay, Eko O Ni Baje and Amuwo Odofin O Ni Baje O!



Congratulations to Babaomojola, an economic consultant and co-ordinator of this 1st Economic Summit. The Government and residents of Amuwo Odofin will continue to acknowledge your team’s effort in co-ordinating this event.



At the end of these two days’ Summit, I believe that we will all have a course to appraise ourselves in the area of community participation. Every section of this Summit is loaded with challenging discourse to be presented by series of erudite scholars and resource personnel.



I therefore encourage all of us to see this Summit as a challenge for excellent performance within our community with a determination to collaborate with government to transform our immediate environment and society at large.



The summit shall focus on areas of developing a society which are socio-economic and cultural angle of the Amuwo Odofin society.



This administration has its agenda-PROGRAMME OF ACTION as follows;


  1. All existing structures and infrastructures in the state of disrepair i.e roads are being given attention as I speak.


  1. All existing drainage with blockages is being opened up while collapsed ones would be reconstructed and new ones built soonest.


  1. A good education foundation is important in human development and the only tool to combat the dreaded evil practice of Examination Malpractice and dependent economy is to invest massively in the foundation of our children that is Primary School Education. As an instrument of social change, all other institutions of a nation rely on the quality and quantity of the education given to its citizens. Our administration has already concluded arrangements on rehabilitation of schools which will start with the Igbologun primary school at the riverine area and Festac Universal Primary School 1, 3rd Avenue, Festac Town. May I elucidate that these schools will be reconstructed from scratch and the fixtures that will be put in place are a block of 6 class room with a staff office, toilets with functional borehole facility, a play ground and a computer center.



As part of our Qualitative Education programme, Scholarship Award would be given to deserving resident students of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area without discrimination while Bursary Award will be given to deserving students of the Local Government in higher institutions of learning and school uniforms with benches and notebooks made available for all the Students.



  1. Free Basic-Primary Health Services will be provided for all while special attention would be given to the aged and children. Health Centers will be cited in strategic locations of the Local Government while existing ones will be upgraded to modern standard. We have gotten response from GTB and DANSA to upgrade the PHC at Festac Town and a boat clinic will be provided to complement the effort of the PHC at the riverine. Already, we have approved the service of four volunteer doctors to complement the effort of the only regular Doctor in the Local Government while we have gotten a corper Doctor to kick start the PHC at the riverine community.



  1. Our administration shall put in place security network that will promote peace and tranquility within the local government by working in conjunction with the Nigeria Police, community leaders and other security agencies while Police post will be cited at strategic points. Let me use this opportunity to inform this gathering that we have provided over 80 Visa phones to 80 classes of interest groupings, including men of the Nigeria Police, OPS MESA which is a joint task force of the military and the Police to facilitating easier communication service at our cost. Also, over 1 Million worth of motorcycles and crash helmets had been given to the police and OPS MESA to combat crime at the black spot areas within the Local Government. We have increased the impress given to security operatives better than where we met it. We are also planning to increase it further while plans have been concluded to renovate both the divisional police station and the area command to modern standard with provision of a 30 KVA generator.



  1. Malfunctioning streetlights will be re-activated and more streetlights will be provided and situated at various areas of the Local Government with CCTV Camera in stalled.



  1. Branded Mass Transit Buses, Okada, Tricycles (Keke NAPEP) and Taxis will be provided in conjunction with private owners to facilitate shuttle services within the Local Government as a whole at a reduced cost.



  1. To enhance safe transportation at the riverine areas, more modern jetties, ferry boats, Scholar boats and boat clinics will be provided for the usage of our riverine communities. Permit me to inform you that the first Scholar boat is almost completed.



  1. Agriculture will be given special attention as farmers would be encouraged to produce more while soft loans will be given to farmers who form a co-operative society to serve as boost for production of cheaper farm products while fertilizers, farming implements and fishing nets will be gotten for them at reduced cost.



  1. Our Commercial Markets will be given special attention as we shall rehabilitate and sanitize the market for the improvement of sales and hygiene while new markets will be built at the riverine communities. I also wish to inform you that the monthly fumigation of our market has started.



  1. We shall make boreholes available for safe portable drinking water in the nooks and crannies of the Local Government, especially at the riverine while efforts will be made to reactivate the Festac Water Works via the Festac Town Residents Association (FTRA), Lagos State Government and Federal Government. Skye bank has already shown interest to finance some of these solar power-driven boreholes at the riverine areas as a way of performing their corporate social responsibility.



  1. Our office will maintain an open door policy that will enable citizens of the Local Government come in and give meaningful suggestions that will aid the smooth running of the Local Government. Afribank has been renovating the Local Government Secretariat at no cost. Thanks to Corporate Social Responsibility.



  1. We shall encourage Co-operative Societies amongst women and various organizations. In this area, we have concluded arrangements with DANSA Foods to carry out our poverty alleviation scheme that will be financed through a Micro- Finance bank while soft loans et al will also be given.



  1. We are giving Gender balancing a priority in this administration.



  1. We shall encourage Government, Private Sector and Civil Society’s partnership in our administration as we believe that this will help to improve the social, political, cultural and economic activities of our community. 



  1. We shall institute a regular quarterly Town Hall Meeting between Stakeholders in the community and our Executive Council to engage in a tête-à-tête on issues relating to the development of our community.



  1. Our administration shall establish an I.C.T training and business for skilled and vocational training.



  1. We have already created a web-site for e-governance which is aimed at showcasing the potentials of the Local Government Area and give information about the activities of the Council.



  1. Our administration shall reinforce the skill acquisition center at Abule Ado to training people for vocational skills and production of materials in some of our social establishments.  i.e Furniture for our primary schools and offices.



  1. Our administration shall monitor the management of wastes in partnership with State and private waste operators.



  1. Our administration shall see to the management, beautification and development of our Environment. Let me inform this gathering that we have employed over 205 people i.e 50 street sweepers, 105 environmental defenders (sweepers), 50 bush clearers, 50 green club members (this class of people are to entrench the tree planting and beautification exercise of His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos State). Also, we have concluded plans to establish a drain duck department with 50 people for a start in the local government.



  1. Our administration has established a monthly Local Government Newspaper called Amuwo Herald. This has also created jobs for 12 people.



  1. Our administration has almost concluded plans to construct teachers and health workers quarters in the riverine communities.



  1. Plans are ongoing to building a Local Government-owned Sporting Complex while we shall make effort to take over the Federal Housing Authority Football Sporting Complex or run it with FHA.



  1. Youth empowerment via direct engagement of talent development, provision of support funding and networking is ongoing with the CISCO Academy, Nexus Aspire and other organizations who have shown readiness to work with the local government in this respect.



Social and Cultural development activities such as support for social programmes i.e. Carnivals and other social activities are ongoing. Example is the forthcoming 20th anniversary of the National Association of Nigerian Theater Art Practitioners (NANTAP) will commence its anniversary programme from Amuwo Odofin having veteran Artistes performing like Joke Silva, Anta Laniyan, Ambassador Segun Olusola, Dejumo Louis, Richard Mofedamijo, Bucky Ajayi  to mention just a few while Mr. Alli Mahmud Balogun, the first President of the Association will be physical present.



The Local Government will also be playing host to the 2nd Lagos International Jazz Festival that tends to attract a 30 Million Dollar investment to the local government as a whole with notable artistes such as Manu Debango, Bantu, Asa, Yinka Davies, Ara, Nneka, Beautiful Nubian and several other Jazz Artistes from across the world in March this year.



All of these plans and several others are all we have in stock for the people, hoping that this Summit will evolve a synergy to bringing into reality all the above outlayed people’s oriented programme that tends to actualise a robust economic reality that will cushion the economic base of Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State, Nigeria, Africa and the World.



We have not also forgotten to restructure the Internal Generated Revenue mechanism that will support revenue from other sources hence a new realistic revenue dispensation has been introduced, starting from the revenue gotten from the Okada and Tricycle riders. Let nobody be afraid as this rates will be peoples friendly and moneys gotten and spent can be monitored at will. Our aim is to generate 200 million naira yearly from the Internally Generated Revenue.



I thank you for your lucid attention.


Amuwo o ni Baje o!


Eko o ni Baje oo!!


Nigeria Ko ni baje ooo!!!


Aluta Continua...


We thank you all and God bless.