Good afternoon the Honorable Chairman,

The Vice Chairman,

The Council Manager,

Members of Amuwo Odofin legislative house,

Other top management level in Amuwo Odofin LG

Good people and staff of Amuwo Odofin Local Governmnet Area

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen and

My colleagues saddled with Information management for the people’s council…….



First and foremost i will like to thank Almighty God for given us this wonderful privilege to be among those that have witnessed this beautiful day and this august occasion aimed at better repositioning our dear council for the benefit of everyone.


Our being here today is not by mistake since it will afford us the opportunity to rub minds, tell ourselves the truth all for one purpose, which is for the council have an effective budget implementation for the year 2010.


As it is today in Nigeria we have three tiers of government [Federal, State and Local Government] that is very known to all of us even if we are not students of government .Another fact that I must point out here is that Local Government though not as rich as other tiers of government , there is high level of hope and so much believe that it should  care for the people since it is the closest to the grassroot.


For every budget to live up to expectations and impact positively on the lives of the citizenry, certain sectors that cover the basic fundamental needs of the people must be accorded priority.


These include, Education, Health, Housing, Food, Employment and Poverty Alleviation.


Obviously, the people of Amuwo Odofin will feel the impact of good governance if they can go to the Primary Health Centre within the council and have unhindered access to free treatment as well as regular drugs to address their health challenges.


By the United Nations standard, every country must allocate a certain percentage from her yearly budget to the proper funding of education. The fact before all of us here today is that despite the nation’s huge budget yearly Nigeria has failed to observe such UN recommendations which could have given us mileage in finding lasting solution to many of the challenges facing the country today.


I said this because of the inestimable role education could play in putting things right in our society.


If the figure of the council’s budget of about Two point four billion naira[N2.4 billion] for 2010 that I got is correct, I believe the people of Amuwo Odofin and environs will have every course to smile at the end of the year if followed with proper implementation.           



1.Full adherence to the contents of the Budget. Avoid diversion of money along the line except when or where necessary.


2.Maximum implementation of the budget is SACRED.


3.Set up a Budget Monitoring Implementation Committee.


4.Avoid ambiguous or unrealistic budgetting.i.e ,capital projects that are not realistic should be avoided.


5.Accelerated and careful passage of the budget by the Legislative arm of government.


6.Budget should be a Peoples-Oriented one. Views of the people should be thoughtfully considered. Am sure that the various Town Hall meetings should have identified areas of needs and addressed such.


7.Quarterly Budget Review.


8.Proper utilization of State Allocation and improvement in the Internally Generated Revenue.   


Finally, i will like to submit that the leadership of the council should consider every one very important in this task of putting the face of Amuwo Odofin on world map and given back to the people who voluntarily gave their mandate to the people loving, articulate, tireless, dogged and visionary Chairman and the ever supportive Vice Chairman.


Many thanks to the leadership of this great council led by Comrade AYODELE ADEWALE because once a comrade always a comrade, the ever supportive and loyal Vice Chairman, for counting me worthy of sharing my views on Budgetting and implementation.


Special thanks also go to Mr Okunsanya of the budget department and more importantly my colleagues in the information department  for their wonderful support in the build up to this event.


Once again, I thank everyone for your rapt attention.