All Protocols Dully Observed


Distinguished people of Amuwo Odofin; I welcome you all to this year’s budget presentation and presentation of gift items to some of our security agencies within this local government. I am honored to see this large turn-out. This is shows how conscious and enlightened we are about governance. I kow-tow for you all.



This year’s budget is significantly different from last year’s budget. In 2009 budget, a total sum of N1, 843,000,000 was estimated. And looking at the projects done, you will agree with me that this sum was utilized judiciously. 



In 2009, going by the estimated amount on the budget, we were able to successfully complete some capital  projects, some are still on going, while others are still on palliative state.



Under completed projets, 4th, 7th, and 2nd Avenues were rehabilitated. Also, 32, 31, 51, 111, and 71 Roads were as well, rehabilitated. road were rehabilitated. While 3rd gate, 41 Road, and 23 Road were patched.



While on other completed projects, we re-roofed the administrative block at 41 road, we replaced damaged asbestos roofing sheet at UPE primary school at 3rd Avenue. Still on the laudable projects of the council, we embarked on the rehabilitation of the legislative building and furniture. We as well, bought 1 Hiace Toyota bus for Legislative Arm of the government to encourage their optimal performance.



Still on the capital projects, we constructed a modern exotic back-light signboards at Festac Area Office, Mile 2. A 200kva generator was installed in the council to serve as a regular source of power. While the repair of boreholes at Mile 2 Estate are not left out. 



This government is not oblivion of the plight of our people who are the riverine, therefore, we constructed a 10, 000 gallon of water boreholes at Sagbokoji / Bishopkoji village with treatment plant. Aside that, we also constructed of a block of 6 classrooms,  called Igbologun Primary school at Igbologun.



We also constructed a 0.6 x 0.6m drain at Ado-Soba, a septic tank in the council secretariat for proper disposal of waste. In a bid to make some of our blocks look presentable, we complete re-roofed AFINOWI Blocks and Supervisors' block. We will not fail to mention the 1 Toyota Hillux that was bought for Works department to enhance their efficiency and productivity.



While on-going projects are the refurbishment and provision of l|Library Furniture at 5th Avenue and refurbishment of office furniture, equipment for vocational centre at Abule-Ado. We are still renovating a new town Primary School at 3rd  Avenue, Festac Primary School at 7th Avenue, a Progress Primary School at 7th AvenueRenovation of 7th Avenue Primary School, R-close

Renovation of 3rd Avenue Primary School




  1. Refurbishment and provision of l|Library Furniture at 5th Avenue
  2. Refurbishment of office furniture, equipment for vocational centre, Abule-Ado.
  1. Construction of Igbologun primary school (a block of 6 classrooms),
  1. Repair work at NYSC, Education plank office
  2. Furnishing of Vice Chairman's office
  3. Rehabilitation of Circular road, phase 1, 2, and 3
  4. Upgrading of 24 road park
  5. Renovation of new town Primary School, 3rd Avenue
  6. Renovation of Festac Primary School, 7th Avenue
  7. Renovation of Progress Primary School, 7th Avenue
  8. Renovation of 7th Avenue Primary School, R-close
  9. Renovation of 3rd Avenue Primary School
  10. Construction of Borehole at Tomaro/Ifako Village
  11. Construction of Borehole at Ita-Agan/Igbo-Alejo Village
  12. Construction of 7 other 2,000 water capacity boreholes with treatment plant           spread across the 7 wards in    amuwo odofin.
  13. Construction of borehole with fire hydrant, at council secretariat
  14. Completion of septic tank at council secretariat
  15. Supply of Boring Machine-85HP (Swan Buggie)
    1. Purchase of Excavator for Road Environmental Department.



            C.        PROJECT PALLIATIVE

  1. Palliative measures were carried out to make Festac road that was in bad state motorable
  2. Repair work involving patching was carried out at 3rd gate, 41 road, 23 road           and the stretch of 3rd gate, Alakija.

It is noteworthy to state that our project is being carried out with the
assistance of public work bureau which services were engaged to ensure that standards laid down by the state government on project execution are
complied with.



The essence of this summary is to keep us abreast with the government's activities and to show you good people of Amuwo Odofin Local Government that the estimated 2009 budget was judiciously utilized to develop both human resources and infrastructure.



Coming back to 2010 budget, a total sum of N5, 909, 700, 000 has been estimated. That is why I said this year’s budget is significantly different from 2009's  budget. This increment however, is an indication that the government of today is determined in improving and developing lives and environment.




                                            THE HIGHLIGHTS OF 2010 BUDGET


Internally Generated Revenue                                                         N58, 550, 000

Statutory Allocation from Federal Government                              N4, 100, 000, 000

Statutory Allocation from State                                                       N     811, 150, 000

Value Added Tax                                                                             N     940, 000, 000


Total Revenue                                                                                   N5, 909 700, 000


Estimated Expenditure

Personal Cost                                                                                    N   162, 500, 000

Teachers’ Salary                                                                               N   145, 000,000

Overhead cost                                                                                   N1, 424, 700, 000


Total Expenditure                                                                             N1, 732, 200, 000


Sectoral Allocation


Agriculture                                                                                        N      40, 000, 000

Works, Housing, and Infrastructure                                                  N3, 630, 000, 000

Commerce, Finance, Supply and Cooperative                                  N      50, 000, 000

Education                                                                                           N    277, 500, 000 

Health                                                                                                 N    150, 000, 000

Planning and Budget                                                                          N      30, 000, 000


Total                                                                                                    N4, 177, 500, 000



That is the summary of the approved estimated 2010 budget. In order to have a well implemented budget, we have as well, constituted a budget monitory team. This team will act as checks and balances. This concept is to ensure an effective implementation of the budget.



Aside the team constituted, we want to urge you people to act as the chief monitory team of this budget. This in line with our determination adopted  from inception to operate an open system of government.



We want to use this same medium to appreciate and encourage some of our security agents within the local government, who have contributed immensely to our success. Our appreciation is demonstrated through the distribution of rain coats; bicycle and Visafone to our neighborhood watch for easy movement and effective communication.



 We know this gift items are not enough to appreciate your good work. This is just to encourage and show you that we care. You are indeed our paraffin wax.



We appreciate your presence once more. We rely on you people to succeed in this path of service. We understood that government exists at the pleasure of the people. Your comfort is our concern. We say thank you for your support.



Comrade Adewale Adebowale Ayodele

Mayor, Amuwo Odofin Local Government.