Your Excellency, the Super Performing Governor of Lagos State, the ACTUALIZER of our Great Party, may I crave your blessed indulgence to stand on the existing protocol?



On behalf of the Staff, Management and the good people of Amuwo Odofin, Sir, I heartily welcome you and your ever-distinguished team to Amuwo Odofin Local Government and to congratulate you on the launching of the three Almarine Ambulance Boats in the five Kodji riverine communities of our Local Government.



Your Excellency, we are living witnesses to your good work in the centre of excellence, especially in the area of Security and Infrastructural development. You deserve better commendations on your administration’s giant steps on the ongoing expansion of Orile-Badagry road, which in years to come, posterity will judge you a right.



May I also use this occasion to thank His Excellency, whose administration has put up a gigantic modern Peadiatric Hospital in our Local Government that we believe Your Excellency will soon transform to the status of State hospital to serve the entire Badagry Division.



Today’s occasion is specifically for the official launching of Three Almarine Ambulance Boats in Amuwo Odofin Local Government. Your Excellency’s visit, which is the 2nd of its kind marks the medical screening and treatment of minor ailments as well as the immunization of our people in this riverine area. This is sure, a watershed achievement.



Your Excellency’s drive to attain a healthier Lagos indeed, and your commendable efforts at transforming Lagos State must be commended.



You will agree with me Your Excellency, Sir, that one of the manifest challenges of our nation’s under development is the question of lack of access to health care delivery, especially in uneasy terrain such as riverine areas, that Your Excellency has decided to extend kindness and perspective leadership mien to Lagosians in this clime is a testimony to your astuteness and dexterity. For this, we remain ever indebted.



Permit me to take you down the memory lane Your Excellency Sir. On assumption of Office in October 2008, the health sector in Amuwo Odofin Local was in a sorry state and without sounding immodesty Sir, it is apposite to state here clairvoyantly that we have recorded under our pro-people administration, many giant strides in the health sector as well as in other areas.



Our Administration placed high premium on the wellbeing of our people because we believe in the popular axiom “Health is Wealth”.



Let me quickly elucidate on some of the laudable achievements we have recorded so far in the area of health service delivery.








It may interest you to know Sir, that we inherited only one doctor whose morale was at its lowest ebb, but I am proud to announce to you that we have fully engaged 4 doctors on contractual basis and other 5 NYSC doctors, in addition to several other categories of medical workers working both in the upland and riverine areas.  The doctors are paid salary range between N100,000 and N70,000 respectively, while other health workers earn salary range of N25,000 and N20,000 monthly.



Also, we have been able to renovate and upgrade facilities at our PHC Festac and Mile 2 to  modern standard with the provision of Flat Screen TV, DSTV, Air-conditioners, washing machine, refrigerators, DVD; while  Igbologun and Sagbo-Kodji PHCs are  under renovation.



Given the cultural predilections of our people, it has been observed that majority of our people, especially in the riverine areas patronizes the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) whose practice is neither structured nor standardized. To this end, our administration, is working closely with the Dr Bunmi  Omomsehindemi – led Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board to train and standardise the practice of the TBA.



Our Administration has also intensified our enlightenment campaign on hygienic living to stem the tide of diseases like diarrhea and malaria. This has been yielding dividends as manifested in the progressive attitudinal change of our people.



Your Excellency Sir, our Administration purchased several medical equipment such as oxygen concentrator, ultra sound scan machine, sterilizing units, examining couch, washing machine and several other essential medical equipment.



We have also carried out, on consistent basis, free screening programme for hypertension, diabetes and distributed several hundreds of free eye  glasses to our people.



Consistent with our determination to check high infant mortality rate, our Administration in June last year organized a mini- health mission where two hundred maternal delivery packs for pregnant women were procured and freely distributed.



The Council under my amiable Leadership has procured and distributed freely, several hundreds of thousands Naira worth of essential drugs and other basic medical needs to our several Health Institutions to ameliorate the medical challenges of our people.



In our determined bid to ensure an efficient service delivery in the Primary Health Care Delivery Services, our Administration has consistently supported the “ National Immunization Plus Day”, deploying utmost material and human resources into the project for the benefit of the vast majority of our dear people.



To bridge medical manpower shortage in the Council Area, our Administration proactively engaged Volunteers to assist in healthcare delivery services and partnered with the Private Sector.



Under this partnership, Profice Specialty Limited is assisting us in the area of drug dispensary and administration. Free drugs through the dispensaries were given to the children below 16 and adults  above 60 years while others  get drugs at 10 % discount.







Also in this partnership, two Laboratory Companies provide laboratory services. In FESTAC, we have SUM LAB, while in Mile 2, we have EL- LAB and they offer quality laboratory services to our people at 10 % discount.



 Worthy of note was the refurbishment of FESTAC PHC and Mile 2 PHC to carry out 24-hour services, while that of Igbologun will commence shortly.



Your Excellency, other health programmes include: free prostrate cancer screening and awareness programme where 450 people were           screened; the local government assisted the State Government Programme of Prostrate Screening to carry out biopsy on 23 cases of suspected cancer patients at LASUTH; participated in 1st round immunization polio days against polio (IPDS) while essential drugs were freely distributed at all the Primary Health Centers - the programme recorded 97% coverage; Primary Schools Deworming Programme was carried out where 6,506 pupils were dewormed. ; we supported the State Government in carrying out Ambulance Boat medical Service at Sagbo Kodji ; free glasses, treatment and Immunization Services were rendered; free Screening Programme for Hypertension and Diabetics were carried out where 2,912 persons were screened; 2nd ,3rd,4th, 5th Round Immunization Polio Days Against Polio (IPDS) were carried out with the coverage recorded as 101%, 103%,107% and 110% respectively; also on Diabetes and Hypertension screening exercises in Lagos State, we have observed  6th and 7th rounds with the  record of participants as follow 4,830 and 5,167; celebrated the World Malaria Day in Tomaro Riverine  Community and environs, whereas free drugs, 1,000 Mosquito Nets, Testing of Malaria Parasite and Treatment were carried out.



Similarly, Free Breast Cancer, Screening and Awareness Programme in Badagry was carried out with a total of 198 women  mobilized for the programme ; Anti-Fake Drug Campaign Programme, Talk Show, Almanac and health education were offered to the 450 participants; 60 First Aid Boxes were procured and distributed to government institutions,    Schools, Police Station, Traditional Rulers, Motor Parks, and Field Engineers          of Council workers etc ; Mini Health Mission was carried out to mark the Lagos State Health Mission when 200  delivery packs were given to pregnant women, procurement of medical equipment for Mile 2  PHC and provision of   essential drugs, while  specially ordered glasses were distributed; renovation and upgrading of facilities and purchase of equipments at Mile 2 PHC and ongoing upgrading of Festac PHC, including Free Medical Treatment to residents between the ages of 0-15 & 60 and above,



In a bid to discourage stigmitization of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), our Administration secured an apartment for Justina Edibo, a PHLWA; we participated in divisional launching of NAWOCA which took place at Ojo Local Government Area. Amuwo Odofin Local Government actively participated in the programme.



Your Excellency, Interlocking stones were provided at our Mile 2, PHC while we are partnering with Marion Gold Initiatives Ltd to build a Healthcare Centre within the local government area and approval has been given and land allocated to achieve this. The Organisation will carry out free medical treatment on Child Health, Sickle Cell and Cancer Patients.




2.       ENVIRONMENT:     

We have been regularly clearing refuse and drainages to deflood the areas and always embarked on beautification of our environment; Planting of 1,250 trees across the Local Government and Provision of 500 litres water tanks (30 nos.) to support the watering of our planted trees; Fumigation of markets and engaged the services of 2 motorized Street Sweeping Machine to keep our environment clean.




Provision of a Hillux Vehicle to improve Environmental Unit performance and Provision of Hiace Bus for Environmental Department for enforcement of Environmental laws; Provision of 22 Dust-Bin distributed all over the Local Government and Purchase of 5 Lawnmowers for cutting of our flowers; Landscaping of our environment and rehabilitation of damaged ones.




3.         EDUCATION:


Renovation works were carried out in the following Primary Schools in the Council Area: UPE School, 3rd  Avenue; New Town Primary School, 3rd Avenue; 512 Road Primary School; Primary School, 7th Avenue, D-Close; Progress Primary School, 7th Avenue, R-Close; AUD Primary School, Ado-Soba; Central Primary School, 5th Avenue.


We purchased  500  JAMB  Forms  and  600  GCE  forms  which  were  freely  distributed to indigent students with 3 months intensive Tutorial Classes to promote education in 2009 and we continued in this laudable programme this year with another 500 JAMB forms for indigent studdnts in Amuwo Odofin Local Government which have been distributed. Free tutorial commenced two days ago.


So far, we have distributed 220,000 Exercise Books and 13,380 Uniforms for Public Primary Schools in Amuwo Odofin Local Government, as well as the employment of 44 Cleaners and 20 Lawn Managers for Public Schools; Awarded scholarship to Amakor Chindera, the winner of Lagos State Primary School Category of Spelling Bee Competition, 2009.


Last year, we organised an Education Summit, the first of its kind among the Committee of Local Governments in Lagos State.


We requested approval from the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy affairs
for the production of 2,000 desks and benches. et al.







The following Roads have been rehabilitated: 4th Avenue road (543m2), 32 road, 31 Road (140m2), 52 Road (138m2), 51 Road (419m2); 11 Road (322m2), 6th Avenue (285m2); 71 Road, Rehabilitation of 7th Avenue, 2nd Avenue (2737.6m2) and Mending/Patching of 3rd gate, 41 road, 23 road.





Re-roofing of Administrative block at 41 road and rehabilitation of legislative building, including partitioning and furnishing of the offices; construction of modern exotic Backlight signboards at FESTAC and      Area Office Mile 2 and provision and installation of 200kva Generator at Council Secretariat; Upgrading of Prof. Jadesola Suki Grassroot Sports Centre at 24 Road in FESTAC Town; Completion of septic tank at Council Secretariat.



Construction of 10,000 gallons of water boreholes at Sagbo Kodji / Bishopkoji villages with treatment plant and repair of borehole at mile 2 estate; Provision of one (1) Hiace Toyota bus for Legislative Arm of the government to encourage their optimal performance and purchase of one (1) Toyota Hillux for Works Department to enhance their efficiency and productivity; Construction of 1.0m x 1.0m reinforced drain at Akinsode Crescent and construction of 0.6 x 0.6m drain at Ado-Soba; Complete re-roofing of AFINOWI Blocks and construction of Septic Tank at Council Secretariat and Complete Re-roofing of Supervisors’ Block.




On-Going Projects


Refurbishment and provision of Library Furniture at 5th Avenue and the refurbishment of office furniture, equipment for vocational centre, Abule-Ado; Construction of  Igbologun primary school (a block of 6 classrooms), and Renovation of the following Primary Schools: New Town Primary School 3rd Avenue, Festac Primary School 7th Avenue, Progress Primary School 7th Avenue, 7th Avenue Primary School R-close, 3rd Avenue Primary School; Repair work at NYSC Education plank office and furnishing of Vice Chairman's office; Rehabilitation of Circular road phase 1, 2, and 3 (2003m2); Construction of 2000 Litres Borehole Treatment Plant at Tomaro/Ifako Village and another 2000 litres Borehole with Treatment plant at Ita-Agan/Igbo-Alejo Village; Construction of additional 7 other 2,000 litres water capacity boreholes with treatment plant spread across the 7 wards in Amuwo Odofin and construction of a borehole with fire hydrant, at Council Secretariat; Supply of Boring Machine-85HP (Swan Buggie) and purchase of Mini Excavator for Road Environmental Department.


It is noteworthy to state that our project is being carried out with the
assistance of Public Works Bureau which services     were engaged to ensure that standards laid down by the State Government on project execution are complied with.





We purchased 10 motorbikes that were donated to Security Operatives in our Local Government and also a donation of two (2) patrol Hillux Ford cars to the Nigeria Police, FESTAC Division to support their surveillance towards protection of lives and properties in the Local Government; Provided 100 VPN VISA Phones to Security Operatives, Staff of Political Office Holders and Community Leaders for combating crimes and protecting lives and properties. We also purchased Raincoats and Boots for Security Operatives and have been having regular monthly meetings with Security Operatives with a view to achieving conductive peaceful environment for residents.



6.       EMPLOYMENT:   


We employed over 450 persons into various Units of the Local Government structures which were absorbed under the following fields:

Drain Ducks that are in-charge of cleaning our drains and gutters; Green Club (for tree planting and nurturing); Street Sweepers for cleaning our streets and mopping up sand; Mar ‘O’ War for enforcement of environmental laws; Cleaners and Lawn Managers for general cleanliness and trimming of our flowers; Traffic Officers who are being integrated under LASTMA; Nurses, Community Health Extension Workers and Environmental Health Officers and Security Guards, etc.



7.         INFORMATION:    


We established the Amuwo Herald Newspaper for dissemination of information and engaged 7 personnel to manage it. We also hoisted the Local Government Website ( and engaged a Consultant to manage the site. We organized Economic Summit to highlight the economic potentials and investment opportunities in Amuwo Odofin Local Government; Purchased 15 Laptops Computers for Heads of Departments in preparation towards e-governance  programme of our Local Government and 10 Desktop Computers to Departments to increase efficiency in information processing;






Engaged an I.T. Consultant towards achieving Computer Literacy among staff of the Local Government; Provided Office Electronics for Legislative Chamber and installed Intercom System to enhance internal communication efficiency within the Secretariat; Provided Nissan Xterra Jeep for Information Department to further enhance their performance and regular Press Releases/news briefing for media interactions, including building cordial relationship with the press.



8.      REVENUE


The internally generated revenue has been improved by 435% since our administration got into power. In order to improve the revenue base of the Local Government, a Hiace Toyota bus was acquired for Revenue Unit.





We strongly believe in human capital development. In this regard, we trained and retrained staff to achieve work efficiency and upgrade their skill and knowledge.



There has been also cordial relationship between the management and members of staff largely due to our administration's open door policy and the recognition of the primacy of productivity and the centrality of members of staff to our overall administrative goals. As part of our effort to demonstrate this belief, we pledged a reward of 10% on every internally generated revenue to encourage higher productivity and improve income base of the Council.



Furthermore our administration in December 2009 purchased 30 brand new cars    that were distributed Council Officials to encourage optimal performance and job convenience.



We have also initiated the provision of little token for Birthdays of Political Office Holders and Council Management Staff on a monthly basis.






Acquisition of T23 Half Roofed Personnel Carrier Boat and 2 numbers Yamaha 75hp out
Board Engine and Safety equipment for carrier boat and also collaboration with I-trans for Managing our transportation programme


Your Excellency Sir, with all these undoubtedly glaring evidences of service, you will agree with me that we have really gone far, yet, we have lots of grounds to cover, this no doubt, can only be done, even speedily with your able assistance.



We plead with you Sir to instruct the State Ministry of Health to recruit and post to our Local Government Area, more Doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, Nurses and Midwives, and other Medical Cadres. This will assist the State to decongest tertiary Health Centres in the State.



Meanwhile, May I, on behalf of the Traditional, Religious, Professional, Women and Youth groups and Organisations thank you immensely for the construction and completion of Lagos State Peadiatric Hospital, Amuwo Odofin, we urge you to kindly transform it to the status of a State Hospital to serve the entire Badagry Division.





Your Excellency, I would not conclude this address without bringing some of our constraints to your knowledge.





Abule Ado community in our Local Government has only one route that links the community with the other part of the Local Government. It is surrounded by water. The only bridge that links it with the other part of the Local Government has damaged. If serious actions are not taken to repair the bridge or make alternative route, in event of disaster, the community would be cut off from the rest of the world.



Personalities that live in Abule Ado include: the Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Oba Lateef Olayinka Ado, the Alado of Ado Kingdom, Otunba Gani Adams, Coordinator, Oodua Peoples Congress etc.



We humbly call on His Excellency's urgent assistance by repairing the damaged bridge or constructing a new one.





FESTAC roads have been in a deplorable state due to long neglect by the Federal Government. 1St, 2nd, 4th and 7th Avenue roads known as FESTAC ring roads need huge sum of money in order for them to be back in good shape.  Your Excellency would recall that during the campaign of His Excellency, you made a promise that you would repair the road for us.  We would be grateful if this promise is fulfilled.



The Belgium/Fatgbem Road  in Mile 2 is also another road that needs urgent attention. On completion , it will reduce traffic  logjam which is being experienced by motorists on a daily basis on Apapa Oshodi Expressway.





The Sewage system in Amuwo Odofin, especially from Oshodi Apapa Express through Jakande Estate down to Badagry Express need serious attention. If the drainages are not opened till the rainy season, flooding would pose a serious danger.



There is also need to clear the gutters and open up all the drainages in Festac to control flooding.  We humbly request for His Excellency's assistance in this regard.





May I also appeal to His Excellency to intervene in the court action instituted  by the FESTAC Town Residents Association against the Lagos State Government on collection of Tenement Rate. We imploreHis Excellency to intervene by resolving the case amicably out of court.





We have noticed that the presence of water works in FESTAC Town is not felt as the water works has failed to supply water to the residents of FESTAC Town for years.


We therefore appeal to His Excellency to help us by directing Lagos State Water Corporation to resuscitate water supply to FESTAC Town residents.



In conclusion, Your Excellency, once again, we appreciate your visit to the riverine areas of our local government. We wish you and memebers of your cabinent a successful tenure in Lagos State and pray that your footprints on the sand of time will ever remain indellible and  your vision to take Lagos State to a greater height keep soaring high unabridged.



Eko O Ni Baje  O!



Amuwo Odofin O Ni Baje!!



Thank you all