Just like other visionary leaders of the Yoruba stock, in the likes of the late sage, Pa Obafemi Awolowo, Michael Ajasin, the Cicero himself chief Bola Ige, to mention a few, with whom you share a common philosophy and ideological beliefs, your unwavering commitment to the attainment of social equity, justice, democratic development and an egalitarian society, has made you a beacon of hope and light to not only the yoruba race but the people of Nigeria and the world at large.


As a pragmatic and visionary leader you have been giving direction to the entire Yoruba people. With audacity of courage and perseverance you have been combating anti-progressive forces with bold steps towards establishing the autonomy of individual states in a federal arrangement.


As an aggressive goal getter and astute administrator you opened a new vista for opportunities in our centre of excellence and placed Lagos state on the pedestal of a mega city within the comity of nations.


At no time in the political history of Lagos State has a leader been so insistent, so persistent and so unrelenting in charting the right course for his people; at no time have so much dexterity, passion, vigour and effort gone into the restructuring of the political system and processes of the Yoruba people.


In recognition of your uncommon pursuit to advance the course of humanity, in line with your philosophy which is based on service and humanism, I, and the entire good people of Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos state, on this special day, congratulate you, the Asiwaju of the Universe, Jagaban Borgu, and governor emeritus, on your conferment of Aare Atayese of Ilawe Ekiti and that of your wife, the Amazon of Lagos politics, chief Oluremi Tinubu, the Yeye Aare Atayese of Ilawe ekiti. 


This new feather added to your cap today is a testament of your unique, and rare leadership qualities recognized and appreciated not only in Nigeria, but the world at large.


More grease to your elbow, more clarity to your vision, and more dexterity to a chiefly life so worthy.



Comrade Ayodele Adewale

Chairman Amuwo-Odofin L.G.A.