The Bible says physical exercise profit a little. Standing on this premise, that God Himself in His word recognizes the importance of physical exercise, one cannot but agree with the initiator of this programme that it is a right step in right direction.


Talking about physical exercise in this confused era of don’t eat this don’t eat that, the safest place to stand today is as you eat whatever appeals to you burn it off with physical exercise, to me this is the only way you can free yourself from the seemingly nutritional bondage we have found ourselves from Health and nutritional experts.  From both the spiritual and physical point of view, therefore, we can safely conclude that physical exercise has a great deal of profit to our spiritual, mental and physical growth.


This programme has been put together by the Local Government, in conjunction with De-Promising Innovation Company as the Local Government to encourage health living amongst the residents of the Local Government and the Youths in particular.


A keen observer of the activities of the Local Government will reveal to one, the level of the government interest in promoting healthy living, hence the volume of our investment in health services. This programme today demonstrates the Executive Chairman’s commitment in exploring all available and legitimate means of promoting healthy living among the people.


Therefore we would like to call on all and sundry to support the Executive Chairman and the administration in all its efforts at taking this Local Government to the next level of excellence, in areas of healthy living, security and improved infrastructure.


On this note, it is my greatest honour to declare this marathon race open on behalf of the Executive Chairman, Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Comrade Ayodele Adewale.