Distinguished. I feel proud to welcome you to this unique history making. For on this day, you all stand as active witnesses to the commissioning of multiple projects in Amuwo-Odofin L.G.A., by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of our centre of excellence. Thank you for being a part of history.



My gratitude also goes to God Almighty who in his benevolence has allowed me, my dedicated team, and the good people of Amuwo Odofin to replicate in our local community the giant strides of our beloved governor at the state level.



May I unequivocally state that in Lagos today, true leadership has been clearly defined in the personage, tact, intelligence, and patriotism of this astute administrator, visionary leader, society builder, and action governor. For no time in the history of Lagos has the structural and social transformation of the state been attended to with such zeal and passion as that of our most respected lawyer-governor. Within his first 100 days in office, Lagosians in particular, and Nigerians in general had already began to see, feel, and comprehend his plan of action. 



Of course, what time other than now can be so appropriate to celebrate a leader who, against all odds, has decided to be accountable to his people, at a time when our collective heritage experiences an unprecedented pillaring by an unparallel corrupt gang of political misfits at the centre; a time when the malignant repression by a few is causing the severest national malaise to a majority; a time when monumental corruption in government and leadership foolery are shamelessly and brazenly celebrated viz-a-viz a decimated value system; what time can be so appropriate other than at a time when the encumbrances of sustainable development is predicated on the calculated, callous, unpatriotic, and a avaricious tendencies of the ruling class at the centre. Surely, this workaholic governor is a rare human species amongst his peers.



As we all know, leadership is a continuum, hence, I will also want to express my profound appreciation and unreserved gratitude to the one who laid the template upon which our governor has built; the visionary and revolutionary leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Jagaban Borgu, and governor emeritus, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Can a people be so blessed with such leaders?



This august occasion will experience the commissioning of four projects: the circular road at mile 2 estate, the new office building at the secretariat, the secretariat landscaping, and the newly constructed and furnished security post.



The circular road, with a total length of 1,394m and 8m in breadth, was a big challenge for this administration on coming to power. The road which was reconstructed in 3 phases is as old as the Jakande regime, and for this long period of time it was in a deplorable and pitiable state, making it the most important issue of concern to residents of the area. Own to this fact and given the strategic position of this road it became our campaign thrust. Today, the circular road is a huge success. Our electoral promise has been kept.



Permit me to quickly appreciate our pool of resourceful team who worked tirelessly to make the circular road a dream come true. Worthy of mention is the contractor of the project, Tariff Nig. Ltd; the consultant with Public Works Bureau), Eng. Billy Fashola, our Council Engineer, and a host of others.



The new office building was built by this administration to create more offices and space to accommodate our growing team for optimum productivity.



As it is generally known, the work area plays a significant role in workers output. The two share a direct functional relationship. For this reason, this administration decided to improve on the aesthetics of the secretariat with inter-lock landscaping across the length and breadth of the secretariat including, flower beds for beautification.



The security post was built and furnished with toilet facilities, and other interior office paraphernalia to improve the working condition, boost the morale, and add value to the security officials of the L.G secretariat.



Despite the above feat, and others in the areas of health, education, sport, rural integration, agriculture, infrastructural development, etc., may I humbly draw the attention of our amiable governor to some other areas begging for attention. We still await the completion of the 2nd phase of the dualized Festac- Mile 2 link road, okota link roads, Festac link roads at 1St, 4th and 7th avenue, Raji Rasaki crystal estate roads; Badagry express way-mile2 Durbar roads, ring road at Abule-Ado. We also request, going by our growing peculiar needs, the creation of an access road to Abule-Ado through 4th avenue.



Going by the urgency with which His Excellency addresses issues on infrastructures, we can only hope and expect your prompt response to our request.



Distinguished. As some one recently puts it, “ we have grown less aware that our political culture breeds folly; that our desperation for change is tempered by a crushing degeneracy that causes failure to think and act rightly. We have grown less aware that the overall responsibility of citizenship is to act as reasonably as possible in the interest of the state, of self, and of posterity.”



Today, posterity provides another opportunity to right the wrongs of our past. We have another opportunity to wield our democratic progressive and liberal political party that is founded on pro-peoples programmes and perspectives.


The dividends of democracy enjoyed in Lagos, Edo, Ekiti, and Osun State today is an evident testimony to the capability and readiness of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)to provide needed alternative  approach in solving the myriads of problems plaguing our dear nation. Your vote is all that is needed to achieve this. This is a clarion call to all: Let us make history with our votes once again, thank you and God bless.


Eko oni baje o!

Amuwo oni daru o!

Comrade Ayodele Adewale

Executive chairman Amuwo odofin L.G A