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The diverse nature of the local government are not withstanding the residents still co-exist peacefully within themselves.

To maintain peace and security, there are several police posts, police stations and commands. Equally there are military formations such as Ojo military cantonment located within the local governments. The State Security Service (SSS) Customs, Immigration, Prison Services, National Drug law enforcement Agency and other governmental agencies are presented within the local government area. These are complimented by a community based security outfit codenamed ‘Neighbourhood watch’. This outfit boasts of members who are leaders in their respective communities.


The local government gives priority attention to education and regard it as the greatest legacy, it can bequeath to the young ones, hence a large sum of the local government budget is allocated to the sector.

Apart from payment of teachers salaries and allowances, the local government also provides an enabling learning environment for the children.

Effort is also made to encourage the involvement of non-governmental agencies and public spirited individual to contribute the development of education in the area. To achieve an all round education growth the local government is making gave bursary awards to students in higher institutions. Equally free exercise books and education support materials are distributed from time to time.


The local government is blessed with a good road network. It is important to note that the international route that links Lagos State and indeed Nigeria with Benin republic passes through the local government. Besides this, the roads within Festac town and its environs are well laid out in line with the model nature of the area.

The local government has been maintaining some of the roads to compliment the effort of the Lagos State ministry of works. Drainage are also constructed and maintained to facilitate the longevity of the inner roads.

Also a sizable number of the habitats live across the river. Therefore, transportation by speed boat, manual boats & ferries is common in the Area for the movement of people from one riverine settlement to another.


Amuwo is largely cosmopolitan, therefore the challenges of refuse disposal is acute. However, the local government is tacking this Hercules task through daily monitoring of illegal refuse dumps, carting of refuse from public places and adequate public places and adequate public enlightenment aimed at combating unwholesome environmental habits.

In this regard, the local government also collaborates with Lagos State agencies such as Lagos State Waste Management Authority & Lagos State Highway Managers.

The private sector participation in refuse disposal is also adopted in managing waste in the Area. In line with the direction of the State, the Kick Against Indiscipline brigade has also been inaugurated to ensure compliance with the Environmental sanitation bye laws of the local government. The outfit boasts of 25 personnel’s.


In compliance with its constitutional responsibility, Amuwo attaches a great importance to the maintenance of a functional primary health care system.

In this regard, the primary health care services departments are operated to meet the diverse health needs of the people.

In addition to this, there are meant well equipped private hospital the effort of both the public, private hospital & clinics are further complemented by the traditional birth attendants. These take care of a clientele at the grass root. Their operations are however regulated so that they can operate a standard service to the people. It is worthy of mention that each of the 3 geo-political divisions in the area is adequately cared for in the distribution of these Health Facilities.


The local government is mindful of the need to continue to provide essential services to her citizenry.

In this wise, efforts are being put in place in the execution of wastes oriented programme which will go a long way in making the local government more relevant to the yearning and aspirations of the people.


  1. Local government Headquarters 41, Road Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria.
  2. Festac Mile 2 Area Office, Mile 2 Housing Estate Road, Beside LBIC Building, Mile 2.


The indigenous dwellers of Amuwo L.G are mainly the Aworis.

Nonetheless, considering its location as a nar border. Local government and other as found its root in the area with people of various extractions engaging in electronics and other as found in Mile 2 MARKET AND Oyinola Market. It must be b equally stated that thee nation even from the West Africa. However, many traders of Igbo & Hausa extinction are found in large number in the areas.

Another noticeable group are the top retired and serving civil servants, industrialists and members of the Armed forces who have taken advantages of the serene atmosphere of the estate to reside in the area. It is highly commendable that in spite of the diversifies backgrounds of the dwellers they still live in harmony.


Community development activities thrive under the Community Development Committee of the committee development commission in the area. They liaise with the local government on issues pertaining to the welfare of the residents of the area. The committee is headed by Alhaji N. Eyinfunjowo.


The culture and tradition of Amuwo cannot be separated from those of the indigenous dwellers (the Awori). Some of the festivals embraced by the people are Eera (Esu) festival and Oro festival.

The culture reflects an affinite with the Badagry people since the council area is located in the rich culture and tradition of the people that attracted the Federal Government to stage the popular festival of Arts and Culture (Festac 77) in the area.

The custodian of the culture and tradition of the area the traditional rulers. The local government is blessed with highly reputed Obas and Bales. They include Oba Mobadenle Obalende Oyekan, Onilado ilado/inagbe island & Oba Lateef Olayinka Ado. The Fabuwa 1, Alado of Adoland.


There are over 30 settlements spread across the local government area. Some of the towns and villages in the L.G are:

  1. Festac Town
  2. Amuwo Odofin Estate
  3. Raji Rasaki Estate
  4. Crystal Estate
  5. Abule Ado
  6. Igbolegu, llado, Itomore and company
  7. Soba
  8. Trade Fair Complex

They have been delineated into wards.


  • Prince Onyeabor

    Oct 20, 2017

    Hello, I would like to know how many wards there are in Amuwo Odofin LGA. Kindly respond with the number and their names. Best Regards Prince Onyeabor

    • Amuwo Odofin

      Oct 25, 2017

      Good day Mr. Prince Onyeabor, currently Amuwo Odofin LGA has 7 wards Namely: WARD A1 (EKO AKETE) WARD A2 (ODOFIN) WARD B1 (IREPODUN) WARD B2 (ADO) WARD C (ORIRE) WARD J (TOMARO/ILADO) WARD K (IREPODUN) Click here for more details