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Amuwo Odofin is one of the 57 Local Government Councils that make up Lagos State , which was created out of the old Amuwo Odofin Local Government on 27 th October, 2003. It covers land mass of 100q.km, divided into two distinct geographical spheres of Upland and Riverine areas. For political expediency, the Local Government is divided into three geo-political zones, that is, the Riverine, the Middle Belt and the Upper Belt. The Riverine area comprises Towns and Villages such as Tomaro, Ilado, Okun Glass, Sankey, Igbo Alejo, Igbologun etc.

The middle belt begins with the Local Government boundary adjacent to Apapa Local Government through the Tincan Coconut area, Beach-land Estate.

The Upper belt comprises Amuwo Odofin Estate, Raji Rasaki Estate, Amuwo Odofin New Town, Festac Town , Abule Ado, Trade-fair Complex among others. The Local Government, with a population of over 1,500,000 according to the 2006 Census shares its boundaries with Ajeromi and Ifelodun Local Government in the East, Oriade Local Government in the West, the Badagry Creek to the South and Isolo/Igando Local Government to the North.


The indigenous dwellers of Amuwo Local Government are mainly the Aworis. Nonetheless, considering its location as a near border Local Government, International trade has found its root in the area with people of various extractions engaging in various forms of trading activities.

It must also be stated that the hospitality of the people has also attracted people from other ethnic tribes in Nigeria as well as from neighbouring West African States to the area.

Another noticeable group is the retired and serving Civil Servants, industrialists and members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria who have taken advantages of the serene atmosphere of the Estates located in the Local Government to reside in the area.


The culture and tradition of Amuwo cannot be separated from those of the indigenous dwellers of the Aworis. Some of the festivals embraced by the people are Elegba, Oro, Sangbeto and Igunuko festivals.

The culture reflects an affinity with the Badagry people, since the council area is located within the same State delineated geo-political zone as them.

The custodians of culture and tradition in the area are the traditional rulers. The Local Government is blessed with highly reputable Obas and Chiefs and Baales. This includes Oba Mobadenle Obalade Oyekan- the Onilado of Ilado/Inagbe Islands and Oba Lateef Olayinka Ado, Fabuwa 1, Alado of Ado Land.


The Local Government boasts of enterprising people. However, it should be noted that the indigenous are agrarian and engage mostly in fishing and production of crops such as cassava, maize, coconuts and cashew nuts.

Some parts of the Local Government are zoned as industrial estates by the Lagos State Government. The Local Government is making attempts to construct shopping complexes in collaboration with private entrepreneurs.

Commercial activities are well grounded in the Local Government area. This is made possible by such factors as adequate security, good roads-network, ready market and a generally conducive atmosphere which is prevalent in the area.

  • Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate
  • Trinity Estate
  • International Trade Fair Complex

The following are some of the business areas which investors would find profitable:

  • Food Processing
  • Tourism e.g boat rides, hotels, restaurants and membership clubs
  • Manufacturing
  • Printing and Communications
  • Photography
  • Agro Allied Industry


One channel through which the Local Government has effectively disseminated its development activities to the people is through the Community Development Associations (C.D.As). They serve as the link between the government through the provision of social amenities, security-through organized vigilantes etc.

There are twenty seven Community Development Associates operating within Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area. The Local Government has also been using the Youth organizations in the Local Government as a veritable tool for development and Youth Empowerment.

The Local Government has over the year concentrated on Youth development knowing fully well that they are the leaders of the future.

The following activities were embarked upon by the Local Government to encourage Youth Education and Development.

  • Football competition amongst youth organizations and schools
  • Seminars and workshops on matters affecting youths e.g HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse.
  • Youth Carnivals – Yearly subvention to Youth Organizations within the Local Government area.


  1. Government Allocations
  2. Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)

Government Allocations:

  1. Federal Government Allocations
  2. State Government Allocations

Internally Generated Revenue (IGR):

These are obtained through:-

  • Advert Permits
  • Trade Permits
  • Loading and Offloading
  • Radio and TV
  • Stacking of building materials
  • Kiosk Permit
  • Lock-up shop fee
  • Liquor
  • Food and Regulation Permit
  • Stall ages
  • Tenement Rate
  • Wares Point
  • Street naming
  • Marriage Registry


The constitutional role of Local Government is the provision of basic infrastructure and services to make life better for the indigenes and residents of the area. In this light, we shall see some key services provided by the Local Government.


This service is provided by the Local Government to the residents directly, through the use of council equipment and workers for the cleaning of common areas such as roads and highways during sanitation days (last Saturday of the month) and indirectly by the encouragement of Private sector participation in refuse collection and disposal. The Local Government also engages in the regular mopping up of the presidential routes within the council area.

Amuwo is largely cosmopolitan, therefore the challenges of refuses disposal is acute. The Local Government is however tackling this herculean task through daily monitoring of illegal refuse dumps, carting of refuse from public places and adequate public enlightenment programmes aimed at combating bad environment habits.

In line with the policy of the current administration on the creation of green areas, our Local Government has commenced the planning of trees and flowers for the beautifications of open spaces, road median and rounds about/road intersections within our territory.


The Local Government has engaged itself in the repairs of both major and minor roads within the council area. It has also gone ahead to construct drainages and culverts needed to curtail the means of flooding.

It is important to note that the international route that links Lagos State and indeed Nigerian with Republic of Benin passes through the Local Government. Furthermore, the roads in Festac Town are other estates and communities are well laid out in line with the model nature of these areas.

The Local Government has been maintaining some of these roads, to compliment the efforts of the Lagos Staten Government.

As a sizeable number of inhabitants live across the lagoon, the Local Government is making efforts to ac quire and sell boats to people from these communities on hire purchase to facilitate movement.

Key Benefits

  • Encouragement of investments
  • Ease of movement for commuters
  • Faster responses to distress calls


In compliance with its constitutional role, Amuwo Local Government attaches great importance to the maintenance of a functional health care system. The Local Government has renovated and stocked all health centers within its territory.

Amuwo Odofin Local Government attaches great importance to the maintenance of a functional health care system and runs a 24hr health service delivery at one of its primary health centres.

To make its services reach the people, the Health Department has been divided into different divisions with each performing well defined and specialized functions. These department are the Food control unit, Family Health unit, Epidemiologist unit, Registry of vital statistics, Health Education, House to house inspection unit, Pest control and C community Health Unit.

The followings are the Primary Health Centers located within the Local Government area:

  • Festac Primary Health Center
  • Tomaro Primary Health Center (Out Reach)
  • Amuwo Primary Health Center, Mile 2
  • Igbologun Primary Health Center

Apart from the government run health centers, there are several well equipped and managed private Hospital.

The efforts of these private hospitals are complemented by the traditional birth attendants. These take care of the dwellers of the rural areas. Their operations are however regulated by the Local Government so that they can operate a standardized service to the people.

It is worthy of mention that each of the geo political zones is catered for in the distribution of these health facilities.

Key Benefits

  • A strong and healthy society
  • Healthy work force for investors to pick from
  • Healthy investment environment


This involves the day to day maintenance of law and order within the Local Government area. It also involves interrelating with law enforcement agencies.

The heterogeneous nature of the Local Government notwithstanding, the residents co-exist peacefully among themselves. This is attributable to the facts that are several Police posts, police stations and police commands.

Equally, there are military formations such as the Ojo Military Cantonment and Navy Base located within the Local Government area. The State Security Service (SSS), Customs, Immigration, Prisons Service and National Drug Law Enforcement Agency are all represented in the Local Government area.

All these are complemented by a community based security outfit, codenamed Neighbourhood Watch, with about 200 members. These members are leaders in their respective communities.

Key Benefits

  •  A safe society
  • A safe haven for business, security wise • Employment creation


The Local Government is saddled with the responsibility of paying the salaries of primary school teachers as well as maintenance of the same schools and its students.

The Local Government gives priority attention to education and regards it as the greatest legacy it can bequeath to the younger generation; hence the l large sums money budgeted by the Local Government to this sector.

Apart from the payment of teacher’s salaries and allowances, the Local Government also provides an enabling learning environment for the children. Effort is also made to encourage the involvement of non-governmental agencies and public spirited individuals to contribute to the development of education in the area.

To achieve an all round educational growth, the Local Government is giving bursary awards to students in higher institutions. Equally, free exercise books and education support materials are distributed to schools and students from time to time.

Statistics of Educational Institutions in Amuwo Odofin Local Government:

  • 12 – Public Primary Schools
  • 20 – Private Primary Schools
  • 09 – Public Secondary Schools
  • 10 – Secondary Schools
  • 01 – Government Technical School
  • 01 – Vocational Training Center
  • 25 – Adult Literacy Centers

Key Benefits

  • Creating a highly literate society
  • Encouragement of vocational training
  • Encouragement of excellence in education pursuits


The present administration has borne in mind, the unequal distribution of wealth within the council area. In view of these, programs which will reasonably reduce the disparity between the rich and the poor were put in place. Considering the difficulties that are inherent in such programs, the council attempted and successfully set 25 randomly picked residents of the council onto the retail sales of indomie noodles.

Another set-of 50 people were given loan facilities to start up businesses of their own across the Local Government area.

The paucity of funds and the inability of the council to get support from financial institutions negatively affected the councils attempt at increasing the number of beneficiaries.